Can non-urban buildings where the second floor is a restaurant and the fourth floor is the primary residence apply for home-stay facilities registration? 

Annex I of Article 6 of the Regulations on Non-Urban Land Control, “Table for the Application of all Usable Lands”, establishes that Type A, B, and C construction lands are allowed for use as countryside housing. Annex I of Point 2 of Enforcement Guidelines for the Use Permission of Non-Urban Land of Taiwan Province, “Detailed List of Permissible Usage”, specifies that countryside housing can be used as home-stay facilities. Based on the above mentioned, lawful residential buildings on non-urban Type A, B, and C construction lands can be registered as home-stay facilities. As for whether it is okay to register vacant floors in a building where restaurants are run as home-stay facilities, it is up to the discretion of central government authorities concerned.

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