What are the requirements for the infrastructures at home-stay facilities? 

1. The materials of the internal walls and ceilings and the structure and clear width of the separation walls and corridors should meet Articles 9, 10, and 12 of Improvements in the Fire Safety and Evacuation Facilities and Fire-Extinguishing Equipment Old Buildings.”
2. Buildings with a floorage over 200 square meters for each level above ground or the basement must possess a clear width above 1.2 meters between the stairway and the platform. Levels with a floorage over 240 square meters should be installed with two or more direct stairways. Failure to meet the above requirements is subject to Article 13 of the Improvements. However, the foregoing regulations are not applicable to home-stay facilities established on the leisure ranches of aboriginal reserves, with a Business License from or assigned by agricultural competent authorities, in tourist spots, remote areas, and on offshore islands. Please refer to the appropriate construction management regulations established by competent constructiauthorities for these home-stay facilities.

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