What are the requirements for the fire-extinguishing safety equipment of home-stay facilities? 

1. Emergency lighting should be installed in all rooms, stairways and hallways.
2. Establishing an automatic fire alarm system or a residential fire alarm device should be installed in every room.
3. Allocating at least two fire extinguishers in separate and obvious places and buildings should have at lease one fire extinguisher on each floor. (Article 8 of the Regulations for the Management of Home-Stay Facilities) For home-stay facilities whose scale exceeds Article 6 and used as a hotel, please refer to Item 3, Paragraph 1, Article 12 of Establishment Standards for Fire-Extinguishing Safety Equipment at All Locations. Established fire-extinguishing safety equipment should undergo periodical maintenance and repairs, fire-fighting management and combustion prevention in compliance with the Fire Prevention Law.

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