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Theme Date
Shena historical trail will be renovated to connect Xinyi To... 2020-05-20
Nantou county government conducted the first tabletop exerci... 2020-05-20
Prospering local tourism, County magistrate Lin surveyed the... 2020-05-20
A new strength for a tourist capital, Chen Chih-hsien took o... 2020-05-20
Dark-Sky Park Received NT$15 Million for Facility Improvemen... 2020-04-22
Nantou County Government Strengthens Propaganda on Infection... 2020-04-22
Nantou Level 1 Epidemic Command Center Opened – County Gover... 2020-04-22
DaCheng Charity Foundation Donated Car to Social Workers, Pr... 2020-04-22
Glamourous lanterns and an exhilarating fire dance attracted... 2020-03-17
Zi Nan Temple Ding wine attracted 100,000 people to share th... 2020-03-17
Eating peace glutinous rice balls and watching firecrackers ... 2020-03-17
Exciting drones and fire dance performed in Nantou Lantern F... 2020-03-17
2020 Nantou Lantern Festival with Themes on Water, Land and ... 2020-02-11
A Big Progress on the Localization of Health Care; The Nanto... 2020-02-11
The Glory of Nantou! Lin Wei-hsiang won the 45th WorldSkills... 2020-02-11
The New Year's Day Flag-Raising Ceremony in Nantou Free Cabb... 2020-02-11
2019 the presentation ceremony of civilian firefighters’ yea... 2020-01-16
Deputy Magistrate Chen received and honored Chan Min-chao, t... 2020-01-16
Nantou Laborers’ Sports Day launched. Magistrate Lin encoura... 2020-01-16
Joint Declaration of Seven Heads of Counties and Cities in C... 2020-01-16
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