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“Nantou Appreciation Event and Opening of Parent-Child Eco Park”- 2021 Nantou County Government Year-End Press Conference kicks off with joy, December 19new Nantou County Government 2022/1/14
County Magistrate Lin presents awards to outstanding farmers in the 2021 Winter Taiwan Best High-mountain Tea Competition, December 11new Nantou County Government 2022/1/14
Nantou County Games kicks off with 36 types of competitions in 4 days, December 4new Nantou County Government 2022/1/14
Construction of Taiwan’s first “Philanthropic Library-Shared Reading Hall” begins and is expected to be completed and opened in 2024, December 2new Nantou County Government 2022/1/14
The Bereaved Family Members of Lin Chun-wu donate an Ambulance to help the Township, and County Mayor Lin shows Appreciation, November 14th Nantou County Government 2021/12/16
2021 Nantou Hot Spring Season “Love for Yushan, Passion for Dongpu” Yukata Parade through the Streets ,November 13th Nantou County Government 2021/12/16
The 1st Puli Liyutan of the Nantou Hot Spring Season is up and running, people are welcome to enjoy the Hot Springs and Delicious Food ,November 6th Nantou County Government 2021/12/16
Nantou Vaccination achieved Two Targets, County Mayor Lin gratefully receives 1st Dose, November 2nd Nantou County Government 2021/12/16
The Double Ninth Festival is near. County Magistrate Lin sends good wishes to centenarians, October 8 Nantou County Government 2021/11/16
Nantou County Magistrate turns into an Internet celebrity to promote the Traffic Safety Month and encourage people to travel to Nantou during the Double Tenth Day and to have a safe trip, October 8 Nantou County Government 2021/11/16
A century-old theater, a resurgence of grandeur. County Magistrate Lin unveils the nameplate of Nantou Theater, October 6 Nantou County Government 2021/11/16
The 2nd-dose Moderna vaccination begins. County Magistrate Lin cares for people’s vaccination status, October 2 Nantou County Government 2021/11/16
Seven cities and counties demonstrate regional cooperation and safeguard the health and well-being of people in central Taiwan, September 15 Nantou County Government 2021/10/19
San Way International Co., Ltd. kindly donates 2 rehabilitation buses to Nantou County to help the disadvantaged, September 7 Nantou County Government 2021/10/19
Caring for family caregivers. Nantou County Government establishes 5 service centers for supporting family caregivers, September 6 Nantou County Government 2021/10/19
“National Sports Day” in Nantou, featuring various sports activities and performances with epidemic prevention measures, September 4 Nantou County Government 2021/10/19
Nantou Starry Night Festival kicks off as good things await at Yuanfeng, Qingjing, Sun-Link-Sea, Xitou, and Dalunshan, August 6 Nantou County Government 2021/9/17
The vaccination for educational staff of junior and senior high school in Nantou County will be carried out at different sites for three consecutive days, August 5 Nantou County Government 2021/9/17
Nantou County Government strives for subsidies under the Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program to improve major thoroughfares for flower viewing at Wu-Sung-Lun, August 4 Nantou County Government 2021/9/17
Kung Long Batteries Industries and Unique Opto-Electronics co-sponsor Dual Sterilization Air Purifiers for Intubation Nantou County Government 2021/9/17
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