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Donating tablets to start students’ dreams. Legislator Hsu Shu-Hua launches a charity campaign with enterprises to donate tablets, August 23 Nantou County Government 2021/9/17
Nantou County Government receives positive feedback for helping older adults aged 66 with vaccination registration, August 21 Nantou County Government 2021/9/17
The development of five industrial parks brings great benefit. County Magistrate Lin anticipates good results in the post-pandemic era, August 17 Nantou County Government 2021/9/17
The construction of roads surrounding Zhongliao begins, bringing new opportunities in local development, August 12 Nantou County Government 2021/9/17
A vaccine shortage in Nantou. County Magistrate Lin: The central government should allocate enough vaccines as quickly as possible, July 26 Nantou County Government 2021/8/18
The epidemic alert level is lowered, the Swimming Carnival is suspended, and dining in is now permitted, July 23 Nantou County Government 2021/8/18
From the 20th, the vaccination for elementary staff in Nantou will be carried out at different sites for 3 consecutive days, July 20 Nantou County Government 2021/8/18
Accurate and precise vaccination approach ensures the availability of vaccines for those who received the notice, July 16 Nantou County Government 2021/8/18
Moderna vaccination begins on July 3 and the county government holds a meeting on vaccination procedures, June 28 Nantou County Government 2021/7/19
A relief program for COVID-19 is initiated and County Magistrate Lin presents relief payments in person, June 25 Nantou County Government 2021/7/19
Nantou applies for the import permit of BNT vaccines and the application has been issued, June 24 Nantou County Government 2021/7/19
The vaccination of the second batch of AZ vaccines begins and by crowd diversion, flow subdivision and different schedule, older adults can get vaccinated at ease, June 19 Nantou County Government 2021/7/19
Family Cluster Infection occurs in Puli The County Government calls for people to Stay Indoors May 30th Nantou County Government 2021/6/24
The County Government invites 13 Township Mayors to convene an Epidemic Prevention Video Conference to jointly protect Nantou May 27th Nantou County Government 2021/6/24
Preventing the Epidemic from escalating, Caotun Community Testing Station has been activated May 26th Nantou County Government 2021/6/24
Official Letter written to the Central Government Nantou County is advocating Vaccine Doses May 26th Nantou County Government 2021/6/24
Nantou County wins 33 golds, 20 silvers and 23 bronzes in the National Secondary School Sports Competition, and the total number of gold medals won is ranked sixth in the country, April 22 Nantou County Government 2021/5/17
12 love poems on the Hanbi Trail adds the artistic heritage of Sun Moon Lake, people are welcome to visit and explore, April 22 Nantou County Government 2021/5/17
The drill of surface water rescue and treatment for a large number of injured people conducted at Sun Moon Lake is detailed and realistic, which has been affirmed by the central government, April 13 Nantou County Government 2021/5/17
The Bus No. 17 of Chang Hua Bus extends the route to NKUT, benefiting students and Caotun residents, April 12 Nantou County Government 2021/5/17
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