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Theme Date
Recognized with Global Views Magazine Survey Five-Star Ratin... 2019-06-17
Wanan No. 42 Military Drill was Successfully Completed – The... 2019-06-17
People’s Health in Imminent Danger! Lin Ming-chen Filed Laws... 2019-05-15
Fast-paced and Realistic Annual Disaster Prevention and Resc... 2019-05-15
Shopping Vouchers and Nantou Pass Provided as Bonuses by Nan... 2019-04-19
Tree Planting Near Rui-long Waterfall 2019-04-19
The Puli Water Light District Bubbles Is Bubbling Over wWith... 2019-03-18
Nantou Lantern Festival Opens Six Major Attractions themes O... 2019-03-18
In the opening ceremony of Nantou International Sand Sculptu... 2019-02-26
The innovative protective screen for falling rock test – Cou... 2019-02-26
Lin Ming-chen assumed his office and promised to work for th... 2019-01-25
The Glutinous Rice Bridge in Guosing Township was opened to ... 2019-01-25
Elder cards can be used on the northbound side of Kuo-Kuang ... 2018-12-10
Private firms take an interest in investing in JiuJiu Peaks ... 2018-12-10
Participation of 4,000 Runners from 25 Countries in Sun Moon... 2018-11-15
Investment Intention Letter Proposed by ShowTime Cinemas in ... 2018-11-15
Taichung, Changhua, Nantou, Miaoli county and city leaders m... 2018-10-17
Tens of Thousands of swimmers overcome difficulties; more th... 2018-10-17
Tea Pick Contest held in Dalun Mountain. Top tea pickers in ... 2018-09-07
Nantou County Government endeavors to secure NT$350 million ... 2018-09-07
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