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A series of events of Nantou’s People-oriented Transportation and Education Promotion kick off, April 27new Nantou County Government 2022/5/17
A Control Yuan member visits Nantou for inspection and addresses public complaints at Zhushan Township Office, April 22new Nantou County Government 2022/5/17
Nantou’s Min-An No. 8 drill affirmed by the Ministry of Education, April 18new Nantou County Government 2022/5/17
Ensuring students’ rights, Nantou Junior High School Skills Competition held as scheduled with epidemic prevention measures, April 16new Nantou County Government 2022/5/17
Sun Moon Lake yacht e-ticket and other tourism and transportation construction on the way, County Magistrate appreciates Legislator Hsu and MOTC for their support, March 31 Nantou County Government 2022/4/18
Financial institutions spot and stop fraud cases worth NT$ 1.86M, Nantou County Government commends meritorious personnel, March 17 Nantou County Government 2022/4/18
Deputy County Magistrate Chen calls for support for “Run For Love”, March 15 Nantou County Government 2022/4/18
Learning City Workshop in Puli, Nantou Deputy County Magistrate Chen shares experience with Miaoli County Government, March 10 Nantou County Government 2022/4/18
Increasing vaccination rate of the 3rd dose in Nantou, Written notice to older adults aged 65 and above, February 24 Nantou County Government 2022/3/18
Nantou County Government plans to build sports center, Hsinchu shares experience, February 23 Nantou County Government 2022/3/18
Closing on the 20th, Nantou Lantern Festival attracts more than 3 million tourists, Mr. Li from Caotun Township wins sedan, February 20 Nantou County Government 2022/3/18
Revitalization of Caotun Performing Arts Center, County Magistrate Lin pushes for holiday cinema, February 17 Nantou County Government 2022/3/18
Nantou Lantern Festival kicks off with the “Lucky Tiger” lighting up, featuring performances on the land, water and in the sky, January 29 Nantou County Government 2022/2/21
Creating a world-class scenic spot with a self-raising funding of NT$ 510 million. County Magistrate Lin starts the construction of “Sky Star” together with distinguished guests, January 27 Nantou County Government 2022/2/21
Ruilong Falls in Zhushan Township reopens. A new experience of viewing the waterfall with barrier-free facilities, January 26 Nantou County Government 2022/2/21
Fa-Xiang Open-cut Tunnel is open to traffic, benefiting more than 2,000 villagers, January 25 Nantou County Government 2022/2/21
New Year's Eve Countdown in Nantou and Qingjing simultaneously, December 31 Nantou County Government 2022/1/14
“Helping Students to Study” – Giving study grants to 202 students. County Magistrate Lin participates in all 6 sessions, December 27 Nantou County Government 2022/1/14
Thousands gather in the Luluna tribe to celebrate Christmas Eve and light up the tallest Christmas tree in Taiwan, December 24 Nantou County Government 2022/1/14
Chairman Li of Kung Long Batteries donates an ambulance, which will be allocated to the Caotun Branch for ambulance task, December 23 Nantou County Government 2022/1/14
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