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All Baristas in Taiwan Gather in the Sun Moon Lake Coffee Review Nantou County Government 2016/8/15
Nantou County Dragon Boat Tournament Championship between the Heads of 3 Central Counties and Cities Nantou County Government 2016/8/15
Activation of New Building for Panshan Police Station County Magistrate Lin Encourages Police Officers to Continue Striving for Public Security Nantou County Government 2016/8/15
Nanyun Interchange Opens to Bustling Traffic that Effectively Solves the Traffic Jam Problem in Zhushan and Lugu Areas Nantou County Government 2016/6/14
CM Lin Gives an Affirmative Reply to the Gourmet that Represents Nantou Culture to Advance to the Villa of US Congress Nantou County Government 2016/6/14
County Magistrate Lin Planned Tourism Activities - Lantern Festival will come on the Stage with Sand Sculptures and Dinosaur Expo Nantou County Government 2016/5/12
County CCRC Inauguration - Deputy Magistrate (DM) Hopes to Build a Robust Friendly Childcare Environment Nantou County Government 2016/5/12
O’CONNERClarke William from the Australian Drapac Professional Cycling Won the Championship at Nantou Cycling Station in Tour de Taiwan Nantou County Government 2016/4/20
County Mayor Lin Applauded and Assured and National Nantou Senior High School Tug of War Team that Won 4 Gold Medals and 2 Silver Medal Nantou County Government 2016/4/20
Kaohsiung Earthquake Casualties Disclosed Lighting Blessing at the Ji-Ji Lantern Festival Nantou County Government 2016/3/17
Ching Jing No Longer Lacks Water County Mayor Launched Two Large Reservoirs Nantou County Government 2016/3/17
Taichung, Changhua, Nantou, and Miaoli signed the manifesto of governing, The rise of central Taiwan that will navigate this country Nantou County Government 2016/2/15
The Sun Moon Lake Highlight Project has launched,Magistrate Lin expects upgrading into electric boats Nantou County Government 2016/2/15
Magistrate Lin Inspects Ruilong Waterfall Viewing platform to be re-opened after refurbishment Nantou County Government 2016/1/14
Jiji Voted as One of the Top Ten Bikeways Magistrate Lin acted in the ad to promote it Nantou County Government 2016/1/14
Honoring the community with the best achievements in 2015 – Yingnan Community topped the outstanding achievements category Nantou County Government 2015/12/18
10 Featured Activities to receive guests at the Nantou Tea Expo With about 320 thousand visitors creating awesome results for the NT$40 million product value Nantou County Government 2015/12/18
The opening ceremony of Central Taiwan Agricultural Expo – The Taste of Nantou Gallery attracts much attention Nantou County Government 2015/12/18
Want to ask something about the taste of Taiwan? 8 “Information Stations” are here to help you Nantou County Government 2015/12/18
“Taiwan’s Heart/Premium Tea from Nantou” sold at actual and virtual channels. Deputy Magistrate Chen recommended it highly Nantou County Government 2015/10/19
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