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Lin Ming-Chen Invited to a Speech in the Rotary Club; Lin Fights for Tourism Capital Nantou County Government 2016/8/15
A Meeting for Deputy Magistrates from 4 Counties/Cities of Taichung, Changhua, Nantou, and Miaoli Held in Nantou; Strengthen Cooperation and Consensus to Implement Cross-Border Effect Nantou County Government 2016/8/15
Delicious Encounter between Pineapple Pastries and Coffee! Opening for Nantou Delicious Pastry Carnival Nantou County Government 2016/8/15
First Hot Spring Town in Nantou Fuxing Farm Hot Spring Development Engineering Open for Tender in August Nantou County Government 2016/8/15
County Government Went to the Four Countries in North Europe for a City-to-City Exchange to Share Research Result Holding a Press Conference Nantou County Government 2016/6/14
A Beautiful Encounter between the Pineapple Cake and the Coffee, CM Lin Invited You to Come to Nantou and Enjoy the Taste of Happiness Nantou County Government 2016/6/14
Welcome to the World Book Day – County Government Called Upon Thousands People to Read Classics Nantou County Government 2016/5/12
Midland Taiwan Meeting Will Ask the Central Government for a Cutting Matching Grant for Each Subsidy Nantou County Government 2016/5/12
CAS 2 Military Drill Shows Triphibian Rescue Result Nantou County Government 2016/4/20
Premier Arrived the County and Cared for Nantou Cultural and Creative Industries and Tourism Condition of Sun Moon Lake Nantou County Government 2016/4/20
Spectacular Shotien Temple Rice Cake in the Shape of Longevity Peach Weighs 11,988 TKS at the Lantern Festival Nantou County Government 2016/3/17
County Mayor Lin Inspected the Nanyun Interchange Schedule,Hoping to Release Traffic and Create and Booming Zhushan Nantou County Government 2016/3/17
Nantou Lantern Festival is going to be launched on February 6,Magistrate Lin acted in the promotional ad Nantou County Government 2016/2/15
County government has established the joint applications center to review people’s applications through a single window Nantou County Government 2016/2/15
First Anniversary of Magistrate Lin’s Inauguration He grows vegetables in communities and becomes a volunteer cook Nantou County Government 2016/1/14
New Year’s Countdown Party Attracted 10 thousand Nantou Nantou County Government 2016/1/14
The county government secured NT$28 million to improve the irrigation canals and farm roads at Qingliu Tribe Nantou County Government 2015/12/18
Golden Safety Award 2015, Nantou ranked Number 2 in Taiwan in total scores Nantou County Government 2015/12/18
Group wedding held at Xianshan, Nantou 50 couples took their wedding vows by the lake Nantou County Government 2015/12/18
In the opening ceremony of the County Games, Magistrate Lin encouraged people to exercise Nantou County Government 2015/12/18
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