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Shena historical trail will be renovated to connect Xinyi Township and Alishan Trail, April 16

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連至 Shena historical trail will be renovated to connect Xinyi Township and Alishan Trail, April 16 完整照片     In recent years, mountaineering has become popular. The Shena historical trail, a trail connecting Shenmu Village in Xinyi Township and Zhushan Station in Chiayi, has also attracted the attention of mountaineers. County magistrate Lin Ming-zhen said that in order to restore the Shena historical trail, the county government sought NT$ 12 million from the Central Government. Under the premise of preserving the original state of the forest, Nantou county government will restore the trail in two years, presenting the local tourism characteristics and adding a new tourist spotlight in Nantou.

    The Shena historical trail used to be an indigenous trail in the Shenmu Village and Alishan area. Villagers used the trail and cable cars to transport wood and materials, and then transported them down the mountain through the Alishan Railway. The trail had been in disrepair, covered by grass and left idle for more than 20 years. Xinyi Township is the core area of Taiwan’s ridge mountain tourism activities. The surrounding mountains attract many mountaineers who adore forests and natural ecology every year. Therefore, it is necessary to renovate the trails and clean up the environment.

    County magistrate Lin Ming-zhen, along with Councilors Chen Shu-hui, Hsieh Ming-mou, Hsiao Chih-chuan, the Director of Indigenous People Department Shi Chiang, and Shenmu Village Head Hsin Chun, listened to the planning briefing in Shenmu Village, hoping to connect tourism resources in the Alishan area through the renovation of the trail environment.

    County magistrate Lin said that the distance from the 8th neighborhood of Shenmu Village to Zhushan Station is about 4.5 kilometers. Nantou county government has sought NT$ 12 million of funds from the Tourism Bureau for planning and construction in phases. In the future, tourists will be able to walk from Zhushan Station in Chiayi to Shenmu Village and then take the shuttle bus to Dongpu Hot Spring. It is a route with high tourism value, and it is believed to attract visitors who love mountain climbing.

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