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County Government Improves the Quality of County Freeway 149B to Promote the Tourism of Zhushan and Caoling June 2

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連至 County Government Improves the Quality of County Freeway 149B to Promote the Tourism of Zhushan and Caoling  June 2 完整照片     To promote the tourism of Nantou in collaboration with the tourist attractions of Zhushan and Caoling, Nantou County Government has applied for the NT$22.3 million subsidy from the Forward-Looking budget. In coordination with central and local road-smoothing policy, the county government has repaired severely damaged pavement, repaved asphalt and concrete, and demanded related authorities to replace all pipelines underground. The construction is estimated to be complete on August. By then, tourists going to and from Zhushan and Caoling will have better roads to use.

    County Freeway 149B starts in the north from Nailiao149, Zhushan Township, Nantou County and runs a total of around 9 kilometers southward to Waihu, Gukeng Township, Yunlin County. To improve the road quality of County Freeway 149B, Magistrate Lin Ming-zhen made an investigation with Councilor Tsai Meng-e and Director Chen Hsi-wu of the Public Construction Department on June 2. The range of this road quality improvement project is from 0K+000 to 5K+014, which are all located within Zhushan Township and runs for a length of 5,014 meters. Total authorized budget includes NT$18.73 million subsidy from the central government and NT$3.56 million from the local government. This project will remove and repave the severely damaged pavement that has not been repaired for more than 9 years to improve transportation quality.

    Magistrate Chang Li-shan, Deputy Magistrate Hsieh Shu-ya, Director Wang Ling-yao of Public Construction Department, Director Chen Pi-chun of Department of Culture and Tourism, Director Liao Shu-ling of Department of News, Mayor Shen Sheng-teng of Gukeng Township and various councilors of Yunlin County all attended the investigation to express their gratification on Nantou County Government for its effort on tourism development with this construction.

連至 縣府提升149乙線道路品質2 完整照片 連至 縣府提升149乙線道路品質3 完整照片 連至 縣府提升149乙線道路品質4 完整照片 連至 縣府提升149乙線道路品質5 完整照片

transaction date: 2020/7/16

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