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Magistrate Lin Awarded the Supreme Level Tea King at Lugu Spring Tea Exposition June 9

Bureau:Nantou County Government


連至 Magistrate Lin Awarded the Supreme Level Tea King at Lugu Spring Tea Exposition  June 9 完整照片     Lugu Township Farmer’s Association and Dongding Tea Production Cooperative held Spring Tea Leveling & Judging Event and Spring Tea Exposition on the morning of June 6. Many tea-loving citizens attended the event. Magistrate Lin Ming-zhen attended both award ceremonies and presented plaques to Supreme Level Tea King winners. He also encouraged tea farmers to pursue excellence by making safe and healthy high quality tea products. The county government will help to promote outstanding teas from Nantou to the world. In this year’s Lugu Township Spring Dongding Wulong Tea Competition, Liu Jui-tu from Lugu Farmer’s Association won the Supreme Level Award while Liu Wu-ke won the First Prize. As for the Spring Tea Competition hosted by Dongding Tea Production Cooperative, Chang Chao-yuan won the Supreme Level Tea King award in Wulong Tea Group and Chien Shih-kun won the Supreme Level Tea King award in New Brand Group.

    Besides Magistrate Lin, Legislator Hsu Shu-hua, Director Su Tsung-chen of COA Tea Research and Extension Station, Senior Specialist Su Teng-chao from Agriculture and Food Agency, Councilor Wu Jui-fang, Councilor Yu Hao, Councilor Tsai Meng-e, Mayor Chiu Ju-ping, Director General Tseng Ming-jui of Nantou County Farmer’s Association and other guests all attended to recommend the great teas from Lugu. Magistrate Lin stated that various kinds of teas participated into this year’s competitions held by the Farmer’s Association and the Production Cooperative. Under strict quality assessment, the tea quality of all nominees was great and beloved by tea lovers nationwide. The tea leaves of some tea farmers were even sold out. Many people asked questions and purchased items from vendors in these lively events.

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