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Theme Private firms take an interest in investing in JiuJiu Peaks (99 Peaks). Lin Ming-chen called it “A dawn of construction”
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2018-12-10

    The county government project of developing 99 Peak Art and Ecology Park has had a recent breakthrough. County Magistrate Lin Ming-chen said on November 9 that 99 Peak Art and Ecology Park is undergoing BOT and has been announced twice. A private firm has made a proposal to the county government and passed the necessary assessment. This is truly a great piece of local news.

    County Magistrate Lin said the 99 Peak Art and Ecology Park development project has made a step forward. The county government followed the proper legislative guidelines to seek public participation in the project. Private firms have participated in the tender on October 30, and passed the qualification assessment. The second stage will be a capital raising process open to the public. If everything is in place, the contract can be signed at the end of next year and move to the period of fulfilling the agreement.

    County Magistrate Lin said, since he took his position, the government has spent 108 million on this project (including purchases of the land that was sold to the central government), engages in 99 Peak Art and Ecology Park development project , has assigned about 30 hectares of land for low density development, has built a themed museum, botanical garden, ecological garden, and campsites, and others. Taking the theme of ecology creation, they have established a combined development of ecological education and tourism by constructing a unique site for eco-tourism.

    The county government first made the announcement from December 26, 2017 to February 23, 2018. Private firms have inquired about the tender agreement but no one has applied. After thorough marketing research and revising the project details, the second announcement was made on September 3, 2018. And finally, before the deadline for application on November 1, 2018, one application has been received. The agreement will trigger a new public construction project for the county.

    The current project assessment has qualified the first stage of the application on November 5, 2018. The next step will be an assessment of the project proposal as to whether or not it complies with the policy requirement. The project shall complete its first stage of initial assessment by the end of 2018 and proceed into a detailed evaluation. The second stage will be an open tendering that invites other applicants, which is expected to be made in May 2019. At the end of July, the final tenderer should be known. The county government shall contact with the most appropriate applicant and sign the tender agreement in December 2019.

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