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The County Government held the first County Folks Meet at Sinyi Township Office

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  On January 30, the County Government held the first County Folks Meet at Sinyi Township Office. Magistrate Lin Ming-chen of Nantou County attended the meet and exchanged ideas with the folks cordially. Responding to the issues of the reclamation of forest compartment, the disorder pipelines of Rainbow Waterfalls, and local infrastructure, Magistrate Lin demanded related units to find satisfactory solutions to these problems. Listening to people’s suggestions and comments, the County Government administers effectively for the well-being of the public.

  In the meeting, some folks from Yuchi Township pointed out that the government was planning to reclaim the forestland provided to veterans in 1969 as part of their job placement plans. Now most of them have passed away. Because of that, the Forestry Bureau demanded their descendants return the land and move away from their current locations. Magistrate Lin Ming-chen expressed that these cases were not individual ones in the county. In fact, it upset the rights of many people. To solve similar problems, the County Government would discuss with the Council of Agriculture, Forestry Bureau, and NTU Experimental Forest jointly to find out whether it was possible to extend the terms and suspend the reclamation of these lands.

  Hsieh Fu-lai, the Chair of Dongpu Hot Spring Tourism Association expressed his concern in the meeting. Although Rainbow Waterfall was a renowned resort in Dongpu Hot Spring Area, it was packed with disordered pipelines. Magistrate Lin requested the Secretary-General of the County Government to be the convener to invite local hot spring businesses, with whom they should discuss the issues of water supply plan, centralizing of water resources, the management policy of charging the users, and more.

  Some of the townsfolk suggested that it would be better for the health center to hire nurses of indigenous origins. As the local centers were important medical resources to remote areas, hiring nurses with indigenous origins could help communicate more effectively. Magistrate Lin strongly agreed with this suggestion. In the future, if they planned to expand human power in medical services in the remote areas, applicants with indigenous origins could have top priority.

  Magistrate Lin said that he resumed the County Folks Meet that had been suspended for years as soon as he stepped into his office. He was enthusiastic about solving local people’s problems directly by discussing with them face-to-face. By doing so, he could coordinate with related units to find solutions to the people’s problems immediately. In the meeting, the suggestions and comments raised by the participants were mostly related to local infrastructure, the rights of indigenous peoples, and similar. Legislator Shih Ching-shui and Mayor Shih Chiang of Sinyi Township also attended the meeting. They promised to give all possible help in dealing with these problems and surveying the forest compartments.

  Regarding the second County Folks Meet, it would be held by the Road Maintenance Team at Ren-ai Township Office at 9:30am on February 6 in the conference room. The people could fill out the request form at site or download the form from the link of the Department of Planning.

transaction date: 2015/2/12

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