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Regional governance in Chung-Chang-Tou area demonstrated awesome accomplishments/The three heads promoted the “trans-regional platform” together

Bureau:Nantou County Government


  The three counties and cities of “Chung-Chang-Tou Regional Governance Platform” held the first government heads meeting on January 27 at the Taichung City Government. The meet was co-chaired by Lin Chia-lung, Mayor of Taichung City, Wei Ming-ku, Magistrate of Changhua County, and Lin Ming-chen, Magistrate of Nantou County. In addition to demonstrating the preliminary accomplishments of the governance in central Taichung area, Magistrate Lin also proposed the three counties and cities should engage in joint investment program in constructing public properties and creating public goods. Mayor Lin stressed that this platform would be a “transgressional” platform in three aspects—trans-regional, trans-issue, and trans-party.

  Magistrate Lin expressed that the three counties and cities operated the Chung-Chang-Tou regional governance platform jointly. It provided consensus and vision to their collaborations. At present, the joint ventures between Taichung and Nantou include the increase of the speed limit at the west exit of Jiuzheng Interchange of National Highway 6 and Chungtou Expressway into 80km per hour. The joint ventures between Taichung and Changhua include the connection of the newly constructed Nanyun Interchange at National Highway 3 with Zhushan Town and Changhua County. In addition, it was expected that the three counties and cities would invest on tourism and entertainment facilities jointly in the future to create more income through the platform.

  Gathering for the first time, after a profound talk for 30 minutes, they presented the preliminary accomplishments of Chung-Chang-Tou Regional Governance to the media, including the integrated marketing of central Taiwan during the Lantern Festival, establishment of Chung-Chang-Tou food safety platform, and more. In the meeting, they constructed a collaborative mechanism and mutual defense strategies.

  In the aspect of tourism, the three counties and cities planned to cooperate with the travel agencies in Hong Kong in the manner of “professional travel” to conduct integrated marketing of the region. In March, they are going to establish a visitor information center at New Territories, Hong Kong to provide complete sightseeing services of Chung-Chang-Tou to the people there. Regarding agriculture, they are going to establish “Chung-Chang-Tou Quality Produce Marketing League” to sponsor produce marketing campaigns twice a year in Taiwan and thrice a year internationally. Expanding the campaign, they expect to bring more benefits in tourism.

  Magistrate Lin, Mayor Lin, and Magistrate Wei collaborated to promote “Chung-Chang-Tou Regional Governance” enthusiastically. It showed not only the consensus and vision but also their positive and substantial actions in demonstrating the accomplishments of the “rise of central Taiwan, regional governance, and mutual existence and mutual glory” in regional governance.

transaction date: 2015/2/12

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