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The visitors from Zhejiang exceed 1 million , Magistrate congratulated the ice-breaking move

Bureau:Nantou County Government


  There were close interrelations between Nantou and Zhejiang. On May 17, Zhejiang Tourism Association received the 1,000,000th visitor at Sun Moon Lake Tourist Center with a lively party. Magistrate Lin and the representative from Mainland China broke the ice together, announcing that their mutual exchanges had established a new milestone.

  On that day, Xu Peng, the Deputy Director of Zhejiang Tourism Association, Man Hong-wei, Taiwan Strait Tourism Association, Chang Jenn-chyan, the Director of Sun Moon Lake National Area Administration, Chen Chin-lun, the Mayor of Yuci Township, and more.

  Magistrate Lin expressed that the visitors from the Mainland China had been increasing in recent years. It exceeded the number of 2 million last year. Visiting Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake was the must visit resort. With close interrelationship between Nantou and Zhejiang, both parties had built up close friendship. In the future, they hoped to continue the exchanges more frequently to earn for the biggest benefits of the people in both places.

  Xu Peng, the Deputy Director of Zhejiang Tourism Association also pointed out that both Sun Moon Lake and West Lake were international tourist resorts. Becoming sister lakes in 2009, the two lakes forum had built up an important platform for mutual exchanges. Deputy Director Xu said that he had visited Sun Moon Lake for 7 times, each of them brought him different feelings. Nevertheless, it was gorgeous.

  The 1000000th visitor from Zhejiang was Miss Jin Yiguo. The county government had prepared a red carpet to welcome her. Magistrate Lin presented her a certificate in person and put on a Seediq vest for her. In addition, the tourism businesses presented her with a huge lucky packet. Miss Jin said she participated in the in-depth Taiwan tour and won this lucky award. She believed it would be a lucky year for her.

  In the venue, there were 200 more visitors from Zhejiang. They witnessed the historic moment of Cross-Strait tourism. The county government fired 12 shots of bamboo canons to celebrate this moment, and prepared a Taiwanese marriage ceremony, indigenous dances, and more to entertain our guests. Zhejiang presented the Taiwanese audience with a performance of Shaoxing opera, attracting many visitors.

transaction date: 2015/6/9

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