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Theme Elder cards can be used on the northbound side of Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport starting December 1
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2018-12-10

    The Nantou elder card is even more useful now! Starting December 1, elders with their elder card can enjoy free transit to Taipei and Keelung. In the beginning stage, users can swipe the card and select a seat at any of the four operating stations at Nantou, Zhongxing, Caotun, and Puli to enjoy free northbound rides to visit friends and family.

    Deputy County Magistrate Chen Cheng-sheng said on November 15 that, according to feedback from county citizens and councilmen, they wished that the Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation could offer free rides to elders and people with disabilities in order for them to visit the north for either tours or visiting their families. County Magistrate Lin Ming-chen takes elder benefits seriously, so he invited the social and labor welfare department along with the transit company to offer assistance. Starting from December 1st, the Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation routes including “Puli - Taipei”, “Nantou - Taipei”, “Nantou - Keelung”, and “Sun Moon Lake - Taipei” will allow the use of swiping elder cards for free rides. The expense is expected to increase by 12 million per year.

    Nantou elder cardholders can now ride the cross-city transit for free. Elders are greatly appreciated. According to 80 year old Mr. Chan Te-hu, he was so excited when he heard that Nantou elder card can now take free transit to Taipei with the Guangguang bus. He appreciated the county government for their care. Citizen Liao Pen-tung, Huang Kui, and Liu Chu also applaud to the new welfare offered by the county government. Elders can now head out with joy to Taipei for tours or to visit families.

    The county government said that, in order to improve elder welfare, the county government started to subsidize elders on transit fees using IC cards since March 1st, 2009. The subsidies further increased to $1,000 per month starting from March 1, 2015. In order to further polish the service policy, contracted transit routes included 2 counties and 1 city in Taichung, Changhua and Nantou: Nantou, Changhua, Yuanlin, Chuan Hang Tourism, Fengyuan, All Day Bus, Green Transit, Taichung, Renyou, Taisi, and Shanlinxi Transits. The 11 total transit companies are already providing service throughout the county (including provincial routes).

    Other than expanding their services, new routes will be in effect, including the Taichung Bus 6188 from Zhushan to Taichung, United Highway Bus 1657 from Nantou to HSR Taichung Station route, and Taisi Bus (7138 Douliu - Linnei - Zhushan - Provincial route no.3 - Taichung Zhaoma) provincial transit lines. The county contracted transit service has now been expanded to 12 companies. After Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation completed their upgrade of hardware for card swipe, the county contracted transit service will increase to 13 companies. With the upgrades in transit service, it will become more convenient for county citizens to travel northbound.

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