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Theme County Magistrate Visited Flora Expo and Inspired with New Tourism Ideas
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2019-5-15

    As the Taichung Flora Exposition is coming to an end, Magistrate Lin Ming-chen led the County Government executives on a visit to the Flora Expo’s Houli Horse Ranch on the 15th, hoping to draw from the Expo experiences for Nantou’s future tourism development. The Deputy Mayor of Taichung City Chen Zi-jing welcomed Lin at the site on behalf of Taichung City Mayor Lu Shiow-yen. Chen wished for more exchanges between Taichung City and Nantou County as the two regions collaborate on promoting tourism development in Central Taiwan.

    Accompanied by Deputy Mayor Chen, Magistrate Lin and his team visited the main exhibition hall of the Houli Horse Ranch - “Floral Exhibition Hall” and the “Discovery Pavilion” at the Forest Expo Site. The Magistrate took out his phone everywhere he visited and took pictures for his record. Flora Expo also offered a guided tour throughout the visit, allowing the County Government team to experience Flora Expo’s designing concept of “No Destruction, Just Optimization”. Magistrate Lin pointed out that there were many beautiful and exquisite works and facilities at the Flora Expo exhibitions. Lin hoped to learn from these outstanding results and hoped that he and his team would be inspired to produce more creative ideas, as they continued to work towards bringing in more spectacular and appealing tourist sites for Nantou County.

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