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Theme Lin Ming-chen inspected the quality and progress of the Fu-Xing Farm Hotel Resort Project
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2018-10-17

    On September 5th, the County Magistrate Lin Ming-chen and councilman Wu Guo Chang went to the Fu-Xing Farm Hot Spring Hotel Resort in Puli to inspect the hot spring water source and the progress and quality of the infrastructure construction project in the resort. Hearing the project briefing, the County Magistrate affirmed that the hot spring well has a stable output and declares over 90% assurance for the progress on the first stage of the multitude of infrastructure construction projects. The construction department is encouraged to strictly control the quality and progress of the project, to build the best quality hot spring resort, and reach new heights in hot spring tourism in the county.

    County Magistrate Lin states that Nantou County is not only an internationally renowned tourist city, but also one of the major hot spring resorts in the nation. Ren-ai Lushan Hot Spring, Singyi Dongpu Hot Spring and Guosing Beigang Xi Hot Spring are well-known hot spring spots, due to the fact that domestic hot spring resorts are mostly located in the mountains, that there was a lack of planning in the early stages, narrow hinterlands, insufficient parking space, poor quality of recreation, limited development, and coupled with the hot spring pipeline being handled by private industries, they ended up quite messy and unsightly. Therefore, in order to resettle the Lushan hot spring industry, the county government is actively developing the Fu-Xing Farm Resort, which is the only hot spring resort in the middle altitude plains of the country. In the future, under proper planning, the hot springs will be collectively managed through the underground pipelines, and the industry will also build their own uniquely styled hot spring resorts based on this foundation.

    County Magistrate Lin also stated that after the completion of the development of the resort, the industries of the Lushan Hot Spring Resort will be given priority, with the remaining part up for bidding to outside markets to recruit other industries. At present, the water quality of the first experimental well meets the hot spring standard, and the water quality is superior to that of Lushan Hot Spring. It has great potential and high output value can be expected.

    The county government Economic Affairs Department states that the excavation work of the experimental well in the first hot spring resort has been completed, and the quality of the hot springs has been confirmed to meet the standards. The follow-up hot spring well and pipeline projects have been actively launched. In addition, other resort infrastructure is also being carried out intensively. Most of the progress, such as the first stage drainage project, sewage pipeline, construction access road and bridge project etc., are over 80% complete or completed, and the visitor center and the softball field are also being implemented. In the future, we will continue to promote the development of the resort by adhering to the principle of efficiency and quality.

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