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Theme The 66th county sports campaign with 13,283 athletes participating. 2 players achieved new records in 2 track and field events.
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2018-12-10

    The 66th Nantou County sports campaign commenced on November 3. County government departments accompanied by their leader as well as teams from 13 village and township offices entered the game. County magistrate Lin Ming-chen wished the best to all participating players. The 13,283 athletes will compete in 4 days of games among 34 different types of sports. New county and game records gave been made in 2 track and field events by 2 players.

    The 2 new records made in the county sports campaign are as follows: the track and field female 400MHR (meters-hurdles) new record was by Nantou Junior High School student Wang Shao-chen in 1st place. The new record is 75.43 seconds, which breaks both the county and sports campaign records. In the track and field female mixed sports team, Caotun Junior High School student Chung Ting-yu also broke both the county and sports campaign records.

    County magistrate Lin expressed on the 3rd that the county government holds the competitive campaign every year. Its purpose is to encourage the public to enjoy sports and maintain physical health. Recently, the county government began a trend of promoting sports. With the support of professional athletes and sponsorship of related enterprises, the athletes of our county achieved excellent records, and many international competitions now consider being held in Nantou. The frequent use of its sports fields shows that the idea has been greatly accepted by the public. The County magistrate wishes the public can continue playing sports regularly to maintain good health.

    After the dragon dance performance, Deputy County Magistrate Chen Cheng-sheng kick-started the popular event of rice product tasting. The Deputy County Magistrate Chen especially expressed his thanks to the coordination of all villages in arranging their local specialty food for the athletes to have a healthy diet without worries.

    The Department of Education said, this year the name of the county sports campaign is “Take a tour in the capital. Good fortune to Nantou.” The campaign takes the model from the Olympics and the related procedures went smoothly. The competition takes place from the 3rd to 6th of the month at 28 different sites. The ministry wishes all the best to the athletes who trained hard to achieve their best performance in the competition.

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