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Theme 2019 saw the marketing of New Year Flag Raising Ceremony produce, including cabbages and oranges
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2019-1-25

    At 6:30am on January 1, 2019, the Nantou County Government sponsored the 2019 New Year Flag-raising Ceremony – 2019 The Capital of Tourism and Happiness in Nantou event in the Nantou County Stadium square to celebrate the 108th anniversary of the Republic of China. County Magistrate Lin Ming-chen and the attendants sang the national anthem loudly and clearly, welcoming the New Year with enthusiasm. At the venue, cabbages and oranges were presented to actively promote Nantou produce.

    County Magistrate Lin expressed that he hoped we could bid farewell to the unhappy deeds of 2018 and welcome the approach of a happy New Year. He envisions the future Nantou County Government endeavoring to secure more funds and construct the four major industrial parks in Nantou, including Nantou Wanglai Industrial Park and others, as well as the Fuxing Hot Spring Zone. It will speed up its pace to bring more job opportunities to attract Nantou natives to come home to contribute to their hometown. At the same time, he would like to consolidate the social welfare policy and promote education. He will also continue to implement long-term care 2.0, senior citizens public transportation subsidization, false teeth subsidization, free lunches for school children, and other good policies. In addition, he is going to improve welfare policies regarding senior citizens, young people, children, and more to make county residents feel happy.

    In the flag-raising ceremony, popular dances were performed by the students of Tung-Der Vocational Senior High School to announce the beginning of the ceremony. Then, members of the Xinmin community performed heroic battle drums. The Caotun Junior High School band performed to accompany the ceremony as well. Students from Ping-He Elementary School sang the national anthem and the students of Tung-Der Vocational Senior High School acted as the flag bearers. In the climax, the Nantou MP Squad raised the flag to complete the ceremony. At the venue, attendants from the Nantou County Government institutes, local schools, business and industrial groups, civilian groups, reserved soldiers from the Armed Forces Reserve Command, and more participated enthusiastically. City Mayor Sung Huai-ling of Nantou City, County Councilors Tseng Chen-yan and Chang Chia-che, and other elected representatives from various institutions attended the ceremony as well.

    After the flag-raising ceremony, County Magistrate Lin delivered a speech. Later, there was an enthusiastic and energetic aerobic sing-along event and small national flags were distributed among the participants. Flags were flying everywhere, manifesting people patriotism and energy. In addition, cabbages and oranges were presented to the participants to help farmers market their produce.

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