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Theme The painted pig first appeared at “Dudu all come” lantern zone
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2019-2-26

    In the 2018 Nantou Lantern Festival, the students’ works for the year of dog were very successful. In the 2019 Lantern Festival, feature painted pigs and paper cut pigs totaling 200 created in accordance with the major lantern “Dudu All Come Lantern Zone” are exhibited. They are going to be the major appeals of the Lantern Festival in the Year of the Pig.

    To celebrate the coming of 2019 Nantou Lantern Festival and display the lantern art, Nantou County Government sponsored the “paper cut pig crafting workshop” at Chang-He Elementary School and Nantou Junior High School. Students from the art class in Nantou Junior High School and Chang-He Elementary School have made 120 paper cut pigs with unique styles. In addition, students from Chung Hsing Junior High School, Guanghua Elementary School, and more will also provide 120 “painted pig” works that hoped to join force with local industries to display lanterns with diverse and prolific styles.

    Nantou County Government expressed that the Nantou Lantern Festival will begin from February 1, with the lighting of the lantern at Puli. On February 2, the major lantern at Nantou will be lit to welcome honorable guests. The teachers and students of these school have spent the time after class creating these paper-cut pigs and painted pigs works. They are all taking shape gradually.

    Deputy County Magistrate Chen Cheng-sheng arrived at Chung Hsing Junior High School at noon and made the crafts with the Grade 7 students together. The students named the pigs creatively with funny names such as “PicaPig,” “Pink Pig,” “Pop Pig,” and more. Later, Deputy County Magistrate Chen took pictures with the works disclosing these mysterious painted pigs for the first time.

    Hou Chia-chun, a student, said it was the first time for her to paint together with fellow students. She felt it was new and interesting. They spent a week creating their work. Colors were applied on the pure white pig, transforming it into a work with warm tone. This was also a process of learning.

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