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Theme County Government Greets the New Year Year Greeting, County GovernorCounty Magistrate Lin promises Promises 6 Long-term Policy to Create a New Happy Nantou
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2019-3-18

    On the morning of the 11th, the county governor Lin MingqinCounty Magistrate Lin Ming-chen hosted the 108th 2019 annual-year New Year’s greeting in the prefecturale atrium, and together with the distinguished guests and the county government staff, blessing blessed the county’s people in the upcoming golden year of the pig, to so that they may make big profit and hope that s and the county government team can could actively implement their six major policy principles: to marketing of agricultural products, the development of develop tourism, revitalize the revitalization of industry, promote the promotion of employment, improve the improvement of long-term care and happy living in the next four years, and to seek happiness for the county’s people, to make Nantou more prosperous and progressive.

    Nantou County’s year 108th2019 annual New Year’s greeting was held in the 1st floor of the county government on the morning of the 11th. The county councilor Tseng Chen-yenCeng Zhenyan, Lin Fang-yu, Huang Shih-fangHuang Shifang, Chang Chia-cheZhang Jiazhe, Tsai Meng-eCai Menge, the commander of the reserves command post Chen Wei-tsungChen Weizong, the former chairman of the agricultural committee Chen Chih-chingChen Zhiqing, The representatives of the industrial and commercial sectors circles, the arts and cultural circles, the financial sector, the farmers’ associations and various county government organizations of the county were all participated very enthusiastically. in participating, qIt was quite the lively scene it was!.

    County governor LinCounty Magistrate Lin expressed his gratitude to all sectors for supporting the county government in the past four years, enabling the county government to promote itself smoothly, seek happiness for the county’s people and win their county people's affirmation. In the future, the county government will work harder to create a happier and brighter city, where they county people will have money to earn and the younger generation can live and work in peace.

    In the next four years, the county government has drawn up many goals for its administration plan and the county government team will be working hard to achieve them. County governor LinCounty Magistrate Lin pointed out some of that the county government’s goals: 1. It will promote the marketing of agricultural products and sells the goods to improve the rural economy. 2. It will a2. Actively respond to the needs of enterprises, develop more industrial zones, solve the dilemma of limited space, and attract more high-quality enterprises to settle in and expand industrial development. 3. Using the relationship between its the sister citiesy and the 8 sister lakes of the Sun Moon Lake, attracting Chinese, European, American and Japanese tourists to come sightseeing, drive spending, and promote the vigorous development of tourism,

    leisure, travel and related industries. 4. Develop township identities and promote local economic prosperity. 5. Raise funds to improve the long-term care policy and take care of the disadvantaged. 6. Create more job opportunities, implement youth policies, attract attract young people to return to their hometowns, create let young people have jobs for them, be able to live in peace, and be willing to raise and support the county’s six major policies to make Nantou County and the county its people happier.

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