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Nantou County Government strives for subsidies under the Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program to improve major thoroughfares for flower viewing at Wu-Sung-Lun, August 4

Bureau:Nantou County Government


Roads in the neighborhood Wu-Sung-Lun, Ziqiang Village, Xinyi Township are major thoroughfares for residents and the agricultural industry, as well as for tourism during plum blossom season. To repair defects of the roads, Nantou County Government has proposed an improvement project and received a subsidy of NT$ 7.2 million for construction under the Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program. The county government has also raised NT$ 1.8 million for the road improvement project. Nantou County is an important tourism and agricultural county, and it is hoped that the road improvement will be accomplished as soon as possible to provide safety and coziness for pedestrians, says County Magistrate Lin Ming-Chen.

Roads in the neighborhood Wu-Sung-Lun are existing roads, and some sections are seriously damaged, such as cracks, potholes, indentations, cracked manhole covers. In addition, some roads are too narrow to meet oncoming traffic easily. The improvement project will focus on the surface evenness, road drainage, and safe facilities and environment from 0K section to 6K+190 section, totaling 10 sections with a length of 2,430 meters to be improved. The total area of asphalt concrete to be paved is 15,800 square meters, and drainage facilities will be improved by approximately 65 meters. The total expenditure is NT$ 9 million.

On the afternoon of the 4th, County Magistrate Lin went to the site for an inspection, accompanied by County Councilor Chen Shu-Hui, Wu Jui Lung, head of the service office of Legislator Hsu Shu-Hua, Chief Chen Yung-Sung of Ziqiang Village, and others. Lin says many tourists visit Wu-Sung-Lun during plum blossom season every year, and the traffic will be heavy by then. The roads there are out of repair and must be improved. The county government has successfully received subsidies under the Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program and will make an improvement as soon as possible to provide a safer road environment for tourists coming for flower viewing next year.

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