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Tea Pick Contest held in Dalun Mountain. Top tea pickers in Taiwan gathered to compete there... 2018-9-7
Nantou County Government endeavors to secure NT$350 million of funds to revive Dongpu Hot Spring... 2018-9-7
County Magistrate Lin Ming-chen hosted the groundbreaking ceremonies of the lecture building of Sin Siang Elementary School at Xinyi Township and the quarters of the Tong-fu Junior High Sc... 2018-9-7
Deputy Minister Dr. Tseng, Shu-Cheng of the National Development Council visited the Nantou County Government. County Magistrate Lin expected to rejuvenate the Chung Hsing New Village as s... 2018-9-7
County Magistrate Lin will promote the youth housing project and child care center to attract the youth to return to their hometown... 2018-8-16
County Magistrate Lin hosted a simple but grand handover ceremony of the Director-general of the Police Bureau... 2018-8-16
Nantou county government newly purchased 30 police cars and invited Lin, Ming-chen, the County Magistrate to grant and review.... 2018-8-16
The members of the Control Yuan inspected PM2.5 in Puli. Deputy County Magistrate, Chen Zheng-sheng, expected practical improvement from the central government.... 2018-8-16
“Whiz Kids” gathered at Nantou County Government - County Magistrate Lin presented the County Magistrate Awards in person... 2018-7-16
The First in Taiwan - The Application of Hehuan Mountain Dark-sky International Park officially began... 2018-7-16
The 5th Jhushan Zi Nan Temple Nantou Tour Cycling Contest was launched. 3000 cyclists raced to cycle around the towns and townships in a 99.9k race.... 2018-7-16
Taiwan/Japan Tourism Summit - The Sun Moon Lake Issue... 2018-7-16
County Government’s Youth Housing Construction Expected to Commence by Yearend... 2018-6-21
Nantou Offers Free Lunches to Public Kindergartens Starting from Next Academic Year... 2018-6-21
Approved Caotun Handicraft Smart Park Will Create Thousands of Jobs... 2018-6-21